Shane Tate
September 18, 2015
The Conveyancing Shop
January 31, 2017

I was given the name of your company by a business acquaintance. I was relieved to turn to you when I found the my Norton Subscription was interfering with my incoming emails & couldn’t be satisfied without my continually updating my already paid yearly subscription. Alternative protection was discussed & the current subscription not be automatically renewed as formerly.

I was received in a most professional way despite obviously not having the rate of PC experience commonly expected! I was able to stand & watch a full diagnosis of my extremely slow system. I found this fascinating as I had no understanding of what actually comprised the internal workings of my machine. I relaxed & knew at once that I was in the hands of a ‘professional.’

The out come has been excellent for me. Despite being still on direct dial although living only 10 minutes from Waiuku, I am finding even the 2003 Windows is responding more quickly. This will make a huge difference to my fully using modern technology. Many residents on the Awhitu Peninsula are unable to access Broadband successfully. Indeed many travel in to Waiuku on certain days of the week in order to quickly do their Updates at the Library which has Wireless Technology.

I understand I also will be able to make an appointment & call in when in Pukekohe if I need advice or help with my technology. I find this access to professional help reassuring.