Zoom for Managed IT Solutions

Managed IT Services

Eliminate unnecessary interruptions, to your IT systems and the efficient functioning of your business, by having a Zoom Managed IT plan.

An IT system that is functioning well, and is up to date, is necessary for the smooth running of your business. At Zoom Technologies our focus is on prevention and not ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ episodes.

There are many benefits to choosing this plan of action including:
  • Server Health – We can monitor vital signs and generate alerts before your business is impacted.
  • Critical Equipment monitoring – alerting on failure and arranging immediate remedial action to minimize the impact on your day to day activities.
  • Backup health – We can monitor backups to ensure they are occurring and perform test restores so we know backups are actually working and recoverable.
  • Virus and Intrusion alerting – We can take remedial action to minimize major upsets to your equipment, if required.
  • Ensure your Security is functioning – Virus and spyware protection, web filtering and firewalls.
  • Regular Network Health Checks to ensure that those ambulance at the bottom of the cliff episodes are less likely to happen.
  • Email Management

Phone us and we can organise a meeting to discuss your existent setup, your requirements and what you would like to achieve. We look forward to discussing Managed IT Services suited to your requirements.

Transform Your Business with Expert Managed IT Services