Zoom for Cloud Solutions

Innovative Cloud Solutions

Cloud services provide most of the benefits of having your own servers to host files, email or advanced applications but without the large outlay. Instead you pay monthly or annually and only for what you use.

Is a Cloud based service suitable, or the right decision for you or your business? There are a lot of points to consider so contact the consultants at Zoom Technologies for a no obligation assessment as to whether the Cloud could help you.

Comprehensive Cloud Services


Cloud based modern email technology that allows your email, contacts and calendar to be kept in perfect synchronization across multiple devices and kept secure.

Antispam/Email Filtering

Stop spam and viruses before it is delivered to your computer network or inbox. Very easy to administer for all users and very reliable.


We can provide cloud solutions for backup to the cloud, or a secondary backup for your onsite backup, using either public or private services to minimize your potential for data loss in the event of disaster.

Data Storage

Securely replicate some or all of your data in the cloud to provide access for remote workers or even clients.

Internet domain names and management

We can set up a domain name for your business, manage your domain renewal and domain records.

Hybrid Data Access

Create solutions that have data storage and applications split between the cloud and your onsite equipment.

Virtual Private Servers

Set up servers in the cloud just like having your own server/s but without the costs involved. You only pay for what you use and it is infinitely expandable as your needs change.