Zoom for Repairs

Fast and Reliable Computer and Laptop Repair Services

Is your computer running slowly or have you lost information?
Is your battery not lasting as long as it used to?
Do you have a cracked screen?
Are you needing reliable computer repair services?

Our team of technicians can assist you with your computer repairs for most brands of desktops, laptops, tablets or other equipment such as printers. If you are looking for a knowledgeable team to assist with your laptop repairs or desktop repairs then do contact us.

We can help with a variety of issues including recovering data from failed computers, if it is recoverable. Sort out virus issues; look at why your computer may be shutting down unexpectedly or won’t start up; or why it is getting noisy.

Professional IT Repair Solutions

Whether it is your business or home computer or printer or IT equipment – you can bring it along to our workshop so we can diagnose, assess and assist you with your IT repairs. We look forward to meeting you.