Zoom for Workshop Support

Are your laptops functioning slowly?

Does someone have a cracked laptop screen?

Our knowledgeable technical team are ready to help with a wide range of issues, repairs and maintenance.

Some of the many issues we can help with are:
  • Desktop, All in One computer and laptop repairs such as broken screens, motherboard, power supplies, hard disks.
  • Software upgrades and updates.
  • New hardware or software installation.
  • Data transfer, data recovery or data backups.
  • Virus removal.
  • New computer setups and laptop setups.
  • Smartphone and tablet configuration.

New computer & Laptop setups:

When buying a new computer there is a lot to consider to ensure your computer is going to be working efficiently for you or your laptop setup is going to be efficacious. Most often you can’t just take it home or to work and expect it to perform well. It will need to be set up so it functions properly.

Before you are able to start using your new computer you will probably need to:

  • Set up your Email and Internet connections.
  • Install any software that you use for everyday activities.
  • Make sure your printers, scanners and any other equipment such as cameras are set up.
  • Sort out and configure your antivirus protection software and organise security updates so that your computer is always protected.
  • Transfer information and email from your old computer to your new one.
  • Set up a backup system
  • Among other things!

Zoom Technologies can setup your new computer for you to ensure you get maximum performance and answer any questions you might have about how it functions.