Zoom for Installation & Upgrades

Do you need a reliable IT company to set up your computer system?

Do you have a computer system that need’s upgrading?

Are you looking at investing in a new server?

Zoom can help organise and design your IT system which includes all equipment that ‘talks’ to your desktop, laptop or server computers. Our experienced team will listen to your needs and advise and help you determine what will be the best outcome for your business and the most appropriate IT equipment for you.

We can supply:
  • Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Servers, Phone systems, Printers/Scanners/MFCs and Networking equipment.
  • Pre-packaged software from leading vendors such as Microsoft, 3CX.
  • Computer components such as a hard disk or a memory upgrade.

We can help with:

  • Software upgrades, including migrating data or email from your old computer to your new one.

We are independent Technology Consultants and are not affiliated with any particular brand. This means we organise and implement solutions that are unbiased and suit you, because the needs of our customers are our priority.