Zoom for Remote Support

Our friendly and proficient team of technicians are always ready to help when things aren’t working properly with your mischievous computer or IT equipment. We can assist you wherever you may be. Even if you are on a business trip.

Let us Zoom in and save your day.

You will need an active internet connection for remote support.

Download and run our Remote control program and then our technicians can access your computer remotely to correct your problems, faster and more cost effectively. We are just one click away from being able to assist you.

Please note: This action does not install any software permanently onto your computer. If you need remote support help again in the future then you will go through this process each time and you will need to be with your computer. You have control of when we can remotely access your computer and you can see what we are doing to your computer at all times. This protects your security and privacy.

Also note that a minimum charge of 15 minutes applies for Remote Support.

To begin a Remote Support session phone 0800 TO ZOOM or 09 2382966 to speak to a technician who will provide secure online help.

To access our Remote Support please click on the button when our technician is ready to help you: