Zoom for Onsite Support

Are you having issues with your internet connection?

Is your IT equipment not talking to each other?

Is your WiFi coverage poor?

Zoom can provide efficient onsite support for small to medium sized businesses. With your business needs in mind we can implement or support affordable solutions for your requirements.

Some of the many issues we can help with are:
  • Internet set up.
  • Hardware or software troubleshooting.
  • Network and server troubleshooting.
  • New hardware and software installation and upgrades.
  • Wireless and wired network configuration.
  • Backup configuration.
  • Email setup, and help with email issues.
  • Backup storage solutions setup and support.

*** If you believe you have a virus or malware issue then our competent team will work tenaciously to ensure the best outcome for your business. We can also advise on and supply the most appropriate software protection for your circumstances.