Zoom for Technology Solutions

Do you need help determining which antivirus protection is right for you?

Do you need advice on IT related equipment such as printers?

Cyber Security

Antivirus and Anti-malware
We can advise on and supply cyber security software to stop viruses affecting your productivity. Viruses can also delete or remove data. We can help with removing ransomware which slows down your internet, or sort out annoying popups.

We can advise on and supply software solutions or cloud based services to stop spam email containing malicious content, stealing information and wasting employee time.

Firewalls and Network Intrusion detection
These are devices that stop hackers, viruses, malware and internet connection attacks before they enter your network.

Managed Backup & Recovery

Backup Solutions
We can help you determine what needs to be backed up, options for backup then set up manual or automated backup systems either on site or managed backup solutions..

Data Recovery Solutions
Data backups are vitally important. However, if for some reason a critical system fails and you do not have a usable backup we can provide recovery solutions and can perform data recovery from failed computers or hard drives, depending on the situation.

Ensuring regular backups are taking place is vital. Zoom Technologies can monitor that backups are taking place with managed backup solutions and optionally perform test restores so you know your backups are actually working and recoverable.

VOIP – Phone systems

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and uses the Internet to transport voice phone calls.

VOIP phone systems are fast becoming the new standard for voice telecommunications. If you are considering a “PABX” phone system upgrade or have fibre available you could consider VOIP which can save you a significant amount of money and in the case of true VOIP phone systems offer features that were only found in large corporate systems.

Some VoIP benefits are:

  • Significant savings on your telecommunications costs.
  • Reduced calling rates for national, international and mobile calls.
  • You can add or remove lines and extensions when you need to.
  • A single Internet connection can support many lines.
  • Allow you to have remote extensions such as another office or use mobiles to access your extension whether you are in the office or not.
  • Features such as voicemail, call recording, hunt groups, queues, reporting, running phones for more than one office on one system, using mobiles as cordless phones.
  • Easy to setup, manage and use.

Contact us to find out how Zoom can help you with VOIP phone systems.

Technology Leasing

Zoom website Flexirent-FS-Logo-02Accountants often advise that leasing, rather than purchasing IT assets, makes sense for a business from a cashflow and balance sheet perspective. Zoom Technologies can provide a leasing solution via a leasing company that can cover equipment as well as software and the installation.

Printers & Managed Print Solutions

At Zoom Technologies we can help you determine the most appropriate printer or multi-function device, Printer/Fax/Copier/Scanner, based on your needs and usage.printers

We can provide low cost inkjet devices through to A4 laser copiers from the major brands such as Brother.

Please talk to us if you are interested in leasing or managed print solutions for your office.

We are a Brother authorised service provider and can assist with your printer issues and repairs.

Consumables and Supplies and Accessories

We can provide a range of items for your IT equipment.

  • Toner & drums for Laser printers
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Flash drives & backup drives
  • Wireless mice & keyboards

coffee news
I trust the team at Zoom to look after all my IT requirements and they never let me down.

It is comforting to know that  help is just at the end of the phone whenever I need it and they can connect in to my computer and solve most issues remotely.

They recently designed and managed the transition of my business to ultra fast broadband and installed a new VOIP phone system.

I would never have attempted that without their assistance, and the end result is that I have faster broadband, better phones and am saving money every month!  It was well worth it!

So if you are looking for a professional, friendly team to handle your IT requirements, I can certainly recommend Zoom Technologies.

Helen Fisher - Coffee News